Digital games are often played to relax and unwind. But thanks to the pandemic the number of gamers and gaming time – both increased significantly at global level, indicating that many of us resorted to games as a coping mechanism instead of treating it as a leisurely activity.
Continuous gaming can be harmful to us, it can cause anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, violence, stress and many physical problems. Some of these problems are already faced by a lot of youngsters as a result of continuous gaming and the pandemic. Therefore it is necessary to encourage them to take breaks, refresh themselves and de-stress from time to time.
How could we address and encourage a bunch of nerds, introverts, extroverts, cyberjunkies and newbie hardcore gamers, all at the same time and get them to understand it’s important to refresh and de-stress in between games?
With the help of Coors Light — a brand that has been relevant to the gaming audience from time to time — we launch a campaign to shape their habits and help them keep a balance.


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