Drop The Joss

As Asians, every single traditional and cultural value lies deep-rooted in our blood. We stand by them, we nurture them, and we protect them, no matter what it takes. That’s why, though many of them are proving realistically inappropriate and hazardous, it is impossible to completely get rid of them.

Hungry Ghost Festival – celebrated on the 7thmonth of the Chinese Lunar Calendar – is when the Asian believe that hungry ghosts return to Earth to haunt the living. So, we deliver special “offerings” – made of joss paper – to these spirits to “calm them down”. But done via burning, this practice gives off awful grey smoke and CO2 that significantly increases air pollution level.

So, we bring this tradition online with With Drop The Joss – an Instagram AR filter that gives us space to practice the custom of the iconic Hungry Ghost Festival without actually burning anything.

We are making a bold effort to keep the tradition alive, keep the planet alive.

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