Elias is an Augmented Reality installation offering us a tantalizing glimpse of how we might interact with printed documents in the future and new possibilities to visualize 3D data or explore simulations of complex systems.

The project consists of an Augmented Reality App and a physical interactive AR children’s book „“Elias – AR Buch““ (also available in English: “Elias – AR Book”).
The story is about a little boy Elias, his first day at school and about friendship. Each chapter invites children to accompany Elias on his school day and actively try AR technology: From planting flowers, enjoying music, playing basketball to painting colourful pictures in the room and marveling at this work of art from all perspectives. Images and figures detach from the pages and float above the book to make stories even more real and become part of our human environment. The app intends to introduce children to the new technology AR in a playful way.

Hochschule Darmstadt

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