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The current consumption level, the strive of expanding our wealth level exploit the ressources of our planet. In our main-focus – water.
The unefficient way of using water in our daily lifes is one of the main threats to our fresh water reservoirs.
Especially showering is one of the highest wasters of water and energy, but for most people it is no option to shower less, shorter or colder.

We investigated how we can make showering more efficient, providing a high quality experience and how to develop and produce the most minimalistic shower-nozzle on the market, according to functionality and the use of ressources.

With moses we created a double-bridge-nozzle which atomizes the waterstream into 3–75µm waterdrops, by using household waterpressure. The result: a unique shower experience by creating a higher watervolume surrounding the body, a reduced water consumption of up to 65% by using only 4,5 l/min, related to conventional showersystems.

Less water means less energy for providing warm water. Today arround 95% of the thermal energy goes straight down the drain by not affecting your body. moses´ higher watervolume affects your body and the surrounded air 13 times more efficient than any other conventional shower.

We also reduce the impact of material streams in our economy. We provide a way smaller CO2-footprint than any other shower system, combining a minimal material usage and reusable plastics. As a result we achieve a CO2-neutrality after only 74,7 minutes of showering.

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