STOPitch is an app that has been designed to help people who have been stung by an insect. The application works with an associated case that contains a battery, a ceramic heating surface and a microchip with an integrated circuit. The case is connected via dock to the phone. Your mobile assistant against insect stings helps you to stop the itch anywhere you are and can also give you other useful information about how you should react in case of an allergic reaction or even an anaphylactic shock.

The app lets you choose which insect has stung you or what your sting looks like. Tap the orange button as soon as you have found the right sting or insect. The app sends the information to the case via dock and the heating up of the ceramic surface begins. The energy from the battery is sent to the microchip. The microchip then transforms the energy into heat thanks to the integrated circuit. The temperature of the ceramic surface raises up to 51 degrees. As soon as the heating up is complete, you have to hold the orange area of the phone case to the itching spot on your skin. You can start the process by tapping the orange button one last time. The heating surface gets activated for 3 to 6 seconds, depending on the intensity of the itch, which can vary from sting to sting.

The localized heat effect destroys the protein compounds of the mosquito saliva and prevents the release of histamine. The itch gets stopped immediately and the swelling gets prevented or at least reduced if the sting is already a bit older. The advantage of the heat treatment is that it works without chemistry and that even allergy sufferers, pregnant women and children can use it without risk.

European School of Design

Hinweis: Die Projektbeschreibungen sind Originaltexte der Studenten und wurden wie eingereicht belassen.