Everyday more and more people are being more conscious about the environmental decisions they make unfortunately many of changes also come at a cost of either convenience or significant financial commitment slowing down the inevitable shift to a more sustainable society. Our business model focuses on urban transportation specifically E-Bikes as they are simply one of the most efficient means of transportation current available, however the main drawback of an E-Bike is the initial cost of buying an E-bike. And as we tried to research the reason behind such price marks, It was quickly discovered that the most expensive component of the system is the battery pack, which generally uses lithium cells that have a very high energy density but unfortunately their production cost is still very costly and regrettably is harmful to the environment. Therefore we are trying to build a budget friendly alternative that offers the same performance capabilities. By using recycled lithium cells that still have a reasonable service life left in them. Furthermore we want to create a green environmental conscious product however we don’t want our brand to be associated with limitation of other green products to do so we are choosing to follow more common practices by other companies in the field of Cycling that are not specifically targeting environment conscious clients but instead we choose to have a brand that is appealing based on its performance and practicality of the product rather than its environment friendliness.

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

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